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In a beautiful and carefully designed creative setting, we offer you the space for your workshops.  Art, Yoga, Painting, Dance, Exhibitions and more.

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Sarah Seyffert

Eliminate what doesn't help you evolve.


Sarah Seyffert is an abstract expressionist painter who lives and works in Zürich/Switzerland. Self-thaught, Sarah began painting in her early 20s as a means to keep her mentally and physically balanced in a world that she describes as rapid and chaotic. Her paintings are intense and abstract manifestations of unspoken emotions. The majority of her works are acrylics on canvas, which are manually stretched on to wooden frame after the paintings are finished. In 2018 Sarah started to share her knowledge and has since run numerous workshops and events for Action Painting, Abstract Painting, as well as Landscape and Portrait Painting. Currently, Sarah tutors private painting classes for individuals and small groups.

Abstract Painting

"Art is a very powerful tool to express unspoken feelings. This is why we can feel so attached to a painting solely by looking at it.

The painting mirrors our feelings."

               - Sarah Seyffert

I don't say everything, but I paint everything. - Pablo Picasso

How nice is Zurich?

SRF Virus was out and about in Zurich with its "Mutterstadt" format to find out whether Zurich was the best city in Switzerland. In terms of culinary delights, Zurich could not score so well, but the action painting with artist Sarah Seyffert received full points.


Sarah is a very pleasant and approachable teacher. She can give you the feeling of letting go and getting into the process freely and trustfully. -Valerie

Sarahs style of teaching is one of believing in yourself. It is less about the painting being perfect, but much more about trying yourself and adding that personal uniqueness to it. 

She embodies this great energy where you feel seen and heard. I am definitely coming back. - Kiki

Nothing tops the feeling of having my own art hanging in my living room. And how come it looks so presentable as well? Sarah knew where to push me and where to hold me back. - Sam

Painting is a language of its own. - Marcel Duchamp
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